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FAQs - frequently asked questions


How do I send my patient the unique link?

On the main page of the HME portal, click “generate link” in the top right corner. Copy the unique link, or the template with the unique link and paste into your own outreach platform (email or text). 

Will I be alerted once the patient submits their fitting? 

There is no alert function at this time, however, the patient will populate into the HME portal with the status of “needs action” in yellow. 

Will I only see the patients that I have sent fittings to? 

No. You will see all patients that have submitted fittings under your organization’s account. 

How long does the patient have to complete their fitting?

The patient has 7 days to complete their fitting until the link is deactivated. Once they open the link and start the questionnaire they will have 24 hours to complete. 


How are the fittings sorted in the HME portal?

By date with the fitting that was most recently received at the top. If you choose to “hide complete status” then you will only see the fittings that you need to action. 


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