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March 2021 Product Updates


New invitation link for the mask selection questionnaire

Each location now has an assigned invitation link to send to patients in a text message or email from their existing outreach platform. This replaces the "Add new patient code" function that required you to take action for each individual patient. This link does not expire or require you to log in to the platform.

Note: ResMed MaskSelector no longer offers individual patient links and the template is no longer available. ResMed MaskSelector no longer collects a phone number for organizations.

Support for multiple locations per organization

ResMed MaskSelector now supports multiple locations per organization. You may assign users to one, many or all locations in your organization. This controls which patient recommendations users see. A ResMed Staff user can add or delete locations for your organization.

Email notification for new patient questionnaires pending review

A daily email is now sent to all users of a location to notify them of new patients waiting to be reviewed. Any active links sent previous to this release remain active until they are completed or expire.

Manage organization users

The new Organization Administrator role now enables organizations to manage their users. Organization Administrators can:

  • Review all patients across all locations in their organization
  • Create new users (other Administrators, as well as Standard Users)
  • Update existing users
  • Assign locations to users
  • Update location name and description

Standard users can now:

  • Review patients from their assigned locations
  • View a list of their assigned locations
  • Copy the patient access link for a location

ResMed Staff users can now:

  • Create, update and delete organizations
  • Create, update and delete locations across all organizations
  • Create, update and delete users across all organizations
  • Copy the patient access link from any location across all organizations
  • They cannot view patients outside of their own organization/location(s)
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