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Escalation Process

If a patient asks to speak to a supervisor, they have every right to speak to one. Follow these steps depending on your situation.

  1. Make sure you have taken every step that you could to assist the patient. If it is possible to resolve the patient's situation without getting a supervisor's involvement, then we should be doing everything in our power to do so.


  1. If this is not possible, ask the patient to hold while you go check to see if your supervisor or coach is available. 


If the patient is escalating over an issue that our department is unable to assist with, offer to escalate the matter to their HME. Supervisors in ReSupply have access to the same level of information that you do.
If a supervisor is available...
If a supervisor is not available...
  1. Explain the situation to your supervisor/coach and explain what steps you have taken (if any) to resolve the patient's concern.



  1. Provide the patient's MRN to your supervisor/coach via Skype and warm transfer the patient using either ININ or Salesforce.
  1. Explain to the patient that a supervisor is not available at the moment, but they will be happy to call the customer back. Confirm the best number for your supervisor/coach to call the customer back.
  1. Create your case in Salesforce, set your Support Category as Escalation and leave the Status as In Process
  1. E-mail your supervisor and include the following:
    • the patient's MRN (if available)
    • the reason the patient called in
    • the best call back number for the patient
    • your Salesforce case number
If a patient asks when they can expect their call back, let them know that they will be contacted within the next 24 business hours.
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