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General Inquiry E-mails

This article will provide a general overview if a patient e-mails us with a question or a comment.

Before you continue...

remember to double check that the email address on the patient's account matches the one that sent the message! If these do not match, then we have to treat the account as unauthenticated and respond to the patient's email using the platform appropriate Forgotten Password/Login Info template.

  1. Link the patient's Salesforce account to the e-mail (or HME account if a patient's account isn't available). 
  2. Check for additional comments in the patient's e-mail
    • If there are additional comments, use the Additional Comments (Do not forward email from PT) template to email the HME
  3. Work the e-mail case as appropriate.
  4. In ReSupply, copy and paste the patient's email and your response into separate Add e-mail sent tasks (don’t forget timestamps)

If your email is from a patient in 2.0, add a note on their account with a brief summary of what their email was for and what steps you took to resolve their issue.

  1. Close the case as appropriate based on what steps you took.

When sending e-mails to HMEs, be careful to not include any PHI that may breach HIPAA guidelines. If the patient you are e-mailing in regards to does not have an MRN assigned, you can ONLY provide the patient's name and their month/day of birth. If the HME is not able to locate the patient with this information, they should be directed to contact us so that they can verify the account. You should never provide a patient's phone number, address(es), insurance details, or any other patient specific information via email.



Unserviceable E-mails


There are several requests that patients may make via e-mail that we cannot assist with without speaking with the patient. If a patient e-mails and requests one of the following: 

  • Log In Details
  • Demographic or Insurance Changes
  • Request for New Supplies

respond to the e-mail using the Forgotten Password/Login Info template (making any required changes to the template). Responses for new supplies should use the Online ordering template.

Be careful when responding to patients to make sure you are using the platform appropriate templates (1.0 v. 2.0)

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