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Import patients

Role required: Organization administrator

ResMed ReSupply allows you to import your patients from your system of record using the patient and order import tool

About the patient and order import tool 

The patient and order import tool allows you to create new patients and update existing patient data through a patient import. The system imports patients using the import template, available for download at the top of the patient and order import page. 

The first step in the process is to export data from your billing management, compliance management or other patient management system to a Microsoft® Excel file.

Access the patient and order import tool 

To access the patient and order import tool, go to Administration > Patient and order import. 

Import patients 

To import patients, you need to:

  1. Export your data from your system of record.
  2. Transfer the data to the patient and order import template
  3. Upload the patient and order import template. 
  4. Review the import results.
  5. Solve rejected import records.
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