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Supply requests

Role required: Resupply user

The Supply requests tab assists you to track all supply requests associated with a patient profile. You can view individual supply requests and supply request summaries in the list of supply requests.

About the Supply requests tab

The Supply requests tab organizes the information into five columns:

  • Date requested—shows when the supply request was placed.
  • Placed by—identifies how the supply request was placed.
  • Number—shows a unique number that identifies the supply request.
  • Items—displays a summary/list of products in the supply request that includes quantity of items, HCPCS, product number and replacement reason.
  • Status—shows the current status of the supply request. 

View supply requests

To view all supply requests associated with a patient: 

  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients
  2. Search for the patient using the preferred option from the search criteria list. 
  3. Click the patient's name in the Name column. 
  4. Select Supply requests.
  5. Click the Supply requests link in the Number column.
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