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Generic HCPCS codes

You may see one or more of the following HCPCS codes automatically assigned to a patient's supplies:

  • AAAAA—Generic mask
  • BBBBB—Generic cushion
  • CCCCC—Generic tubing
  • DDDDD—Generic headgear
  • EEEEE—Generic filters

The system adds additional generic supply types to help maximize initial outreach and supply requests.

The system applies automatically generated HCPCS codes under two circumstances:

  1. When supply details are not available for a newly compliant, AirView integrated patient.
  2. When you import a patient into ResMed ReSupply through the patient order and import process and they don't have a mask, cushion, headgear, disposable filters and/or tubing listed as part of the import.

For example, if a patient is added to ResMed ReSupply through a patient import and only their mask information is provided, the system assigns a generic HCPCS code for each of their other key supplies. This is so the system can calculate eligibility and inquire about the need of those items during patient outreach. 

Before you confirm a supply request, you need to replace the generic codes (AAAAA, BBBBB and CCCCC) with proper HCPCS codes and product information. Specific product information needs to be added when A7035 and A7038 are assigned.

If the system assigns a generic HCPCS code to my patient, how does the system know when outreach should occur?

The generic HCPCs code uses the default payor and schedule to inform the system when the patient is eligible for supplies. The system will continue to use this outreach schedule until the HCPCS code for the associated supply item (mask, cushion, headgear, disposable filters and/or tubing) is updated.

Do the generic HCPCS codes affect what questionnaire questions we ask?

No, the questions in the standard questionnaire remain the same. The patient cannot see that the system assigned a generic HCPCS code to them.

Update supply information

Pending supply request exists:

Update the supply request

No pending supply request exists:

Update the patient supplies

  1. To open the supply request, click the Supply request number.
  2. Click Edit under the Eligibility summary table.
  3. Select the proper HCPCS code and Description from the list.
  4. Click Save.

    Note: Once you label the supply request as Shipped (or the system labels it as Assumed shipped), the system will update the patient's supplies automatically.
  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients.
  2. Select the patient name from the list.
  3. Click the Supplies link.
  4. Find the item you want to add and click Add [your item].
  5. Enter all necessary information—HCPCS code, last supplied date and description.
  6. Click Save.