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Understand supply requests

What is a supply request?

A supply request is a task that captures a patient's response to outreach. When a patient responds to outreach and indicates they want to request supplies, the system looks at the patient's supply history for eligible items and makes the information available in the supply request. 

You can use the information in the supply request to fulfill an order for eligible supplies in your system. 

How are supply requests created?

Supply requests can be created in one of two ways:

  • Automatically, by the system 
  • Manually, by user input. 

Supply requests created by the system populate automatically when eligible patients request supplies through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or patient portal.

As a ReSupply user, you can also manually create a supply request. 

Generic items in a supply request

You may see one or more of the following HCPCS codes when working a supply request:

  • AAAAA—Generic mask
  • BBBBB—Generic cushion
  • CCCCC—Generic air tubing
  • DDDDD—Generic headgear
  • EEEEE—Generic filters

The system applies these generic items to a supply request under two circumstances:

  • When supply details are not available for a newly compliant, AirView integrated patient.
  • When you import a patient into ResMed ReSupply through the patient order and import process and they don't have a mask, cushion, headgear, disposable filters and/or air tubing listed as part of the import.

Note: Before you confirm a supply request, you must replace the generic codes with the correct HCPCS codes and product information.

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