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Update the status of a supply request

Role required: Resupply user

There are different statuses available when you process a supply request.

Supply request statuses

Status Description
Pending The supply request is ready for review and processing. 
Confirmed Use this status after you confirm the supply request details in your system and decide to send supplies to the patient. 
On Hold Use this status to keep track of supply requests that need additional follow-up. For example, waiting on insurance verification or prescription renewal.  
Shipped Set a supply request status to shipped after receiving confirmation that supplies have been shipped or delivered to the patient. 
Assumed shipped If you don't mark a confirmed supply request as shipped, the system assigns the Assumed shipped status. 
Closed When you mark a supply request as Closed, it's removed from the All supply requests page. 
Canceled Use this status when the supply request is no longer valid or the patient does not want to receive supplies. 


Fulfillment partner integration statuses

These statuses are available (in addition to the statuses above) if your account has the fulfillment partner integration enabled. 

Status Description
Sent to fulfillment partner Confirms you have sent the supply request to the fulfillment partner for processing. 
Vendor hold Appears when the fulfillment partner provider places a hold on the supply request.
Late Appears when ResMed ReSupply hasn't received confirmation from the fulfillment partner that the supply request was fulfilled within 14 days.
Auto-canceled Appears if the fulfillment partner hasn't labeled the resupply request as shipped within 45 days of receiving the request. 


Update the status of a supply request

  1. From the Supply requests page, find the supply request you want to update.
  2. In the Supply request number column, click the supply request number.
  3. From the header section, select the appropriate status.
  4. Click Save.


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