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Create a new user

In ResMed ReSupply, you can set up a new user account for either someone who processes supply requests and manages work items (resupply user) or an organization administrator who imports patient lists and updates account level details.

From the Administration menu, select Users and Add user to create the following account types:

  • Organization administrator
    Users with this role have access to organizational and location level details, including:
    • Reimbursement rates
    • Document categories
    • Payors
    • Eligibility schedules
    • Call schedules
    • Call scripts
    • Locations
    • Users
    • Reports
    • Patient and order imports
  • Resupply user
    Users with this role have access to the following:
    • Their organization's Dashboard
    • Patients
    • Supply requests
    • Work items
    • Reports

You may see other roles in ResMed ReSupply that are not added from the Administration menu. To learn more about these roles, see User roles and permissions.

Step-by-step instructions

Set user account permissions

  1. From the Administration menu, select Users.
  2. At the top left, click Add user.
  3. From the Title list, select a title for the user and complete the First name, Last name and User name fields.
  4. In the Password area, select the password-reset method.
Note: We recommend that you choose the Email the user a link to log in and set their own password (recommended) option, so the user can set their own password.
  1. From the Roles section, select the check box beside the role you want to assign the user.
  2. If you only selected Resupply user as a role, determine which location(s) the user can access:
    • If the user requires access to all current and future locations:
      Select All locations and continue to step 7.
    • If the user requires access to all current but not future locations:
      Click Add all.
    • If the user needs access to a specific location in the list:
      Select the required location and click Add.
    • If the user requires access to more than on location but not all:
      • Select a location, press Ctrl and select the next location until all required locations are selected.
      • Click Add.
  3. Click Save
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