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Welcome letter FAQs

Frequently asked questions 

How will I know when a welcome letter is sent to my patient? 

ResMed ReSupply creates a timeline entry when the system:

  • Successfully sends a welcome letter
  • Fails to send a welcome letter
  • Delays initial outreach due to sending a letter.

Can I modify the content of the letter? 

No, you cannot change the content of the welcome letter.

Can I send letters to patients that were added to the platform before the functionality was enabled? 

No, letters can only be sent to newly added patients. Existing patients will not receive a letter. If you want existing patients to receive welcome letters, contact your ResMed Solutions Operations Specialist.

Can I select a specific location or subset of patients to receive welcome letters? 

No, at this time we cannot single out specific groups of patients.

I use the AirView™ integration to add new patients. Will these patients receive welcome letters? 

No, the AirView integration does not provide the patient’s mailing address, so ResMed ReSupply is unable to send letters to patients imported from AirView.

I am transitioning from your legacy ReSupply platform. Will my patients receive welcome letters? 

Patients from the legacy platform will receive a special transition letter instead of the standard welcome letter.

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