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Understand welcome letters

Welcome letters are a tool that helps set up your patients for success with their sleep therapy. 

What is a welcome letter?

A welcome letter is sent to newly created, active patients through regular mail that:

  • promotes patient engagement
  • sets expectations and provides a summary of the services offered by ResMed ReSupply
  • prepares your patients for when outreach begins.

Tip: HMEs who use welcome letters have reported increases in ReSupply orders of up to 35%. 

How do welcome letters work?

The system automatically sends welcome letters to all newly added active patients once you enable welcome letters in ResMed ReSupply. All you need to do is:

  1. Add your organization's logo.
  2. Enable the functionality.

Note: Welcome letters are subject to additional charges. Review your service agreement or contact your Solutions Operations Specialist for pricing details.

Learn more about enabling welcome letters.

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