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Re-usable patient import checklist (draft)


Before importing your patient list, view the steps to download the patient and order import template.  Then, use this checklist to reduce errors that may occur.

File requirements

 Microsoft Excel file is saved with .xlsx extension
 Microsoft Excel file is less than 20 MB in size
 The file contains up-to-date patient export data
Additional columns used for reference purposes (location/branch, secondary payor, gender, etc.) are only placed after template-required columns

Recommended tasks to reduce number of rejected records:

 Field values are in the proper format (see column requirements links to the right)
 Field restrictions are obeyed (see column requirements links to the right)
 Malicious characters are removed from appropriate fields (/,*,&, etc.)

Column requirements

This section lists out which columns and need to be prepared with the correct formatting for a successful import. 

 The headers used for importing exactly match those provided in the patient import template
All necessary headers are included starting in cell A1 (as described in column requirements to the right)

Demographic information

 Patient ID / Medical record number (Required for all patients)
First name (Required for all patients)
Last name (Required for all patients)
 D.O.B. (Date of birth) (Required for all patients)
 Address fields
             Address 1
             Address 2

Payor information

 Member ID 

Outreach information

 (Primary) Phone number 1
 (Primary) Phone number type
 (Secondary) Phone number 2 and phone number 2 type
 Email address

Supply history information

External Order ID and Quantity 
 (Multiple) HCPCS (Required for all patients)
 Product ID 
Serial number 
 Last supplied date (Required for all patients)




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