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Address fields




The patient's mailing address; the address where the patient would like to have supplies shipped. 

Is data required for all patients?

No, however it's highly recommended as this will allow the ResMed ReSupply system to confirm the patient's address as part of the outreach questionnaire. 

Field restrictions

100 character limit for each field

Formats accepted


  • Full state/province spelling (Alabama)
  • Abbreviated state/province (AL)


  • 11111
  • 11111-1111
  • A1A 1A1 (Canadian postal code)
  • A1A-1A1 (Canadian postal code)
  • A1A1A1 (Canadian postal code)
How the information is used once imported

When the patient requests supplies as part of the standard questionnaire, their address will be confirmed and updated if necessary. 


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