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Product ID

Description A product’s ID based on the manufacturer’s stock keeping unit (SKU) number. Only one product ID is allowed per row. 

Is data required for all patients?

No, however it's highly recommended as it there will be efficiency-gains later in the process of confirming a supply request. 

Field restrictions Has to match ResMed ReSupply's product catalog to be imported. 

How the information is used once imported

This will become part of the patient's profile in the Supplies tab. (screenshot)

It will ease the process for confirming supply requests as this information will already be filled out. (screenshot)

If multiple order dates for a product exists in the import, only the newest of each product will be imported. 

In the case of different products being imported for one item type (ex. size small nasal mask and then a medium nasal mask) both products will generate an entry in ResMed ReSupply so there's a history of what the patient had previously. 

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