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Confirm a supply request

The supply request page makes it easy for you and your team to quickly process a supply request. 

Video tutorial: Confirm a supply request

Open work items and supply request notes

You can review open or pending work items and notes all on one page.

Open work items


The Open work items section displays the five most recent work items for the patient you select, such as worsening symptoms, payor updates and patient messages.

To close a work item, in the Action column, click Close. Once you close the work item, it automatically disappears.

Note: data is fictional

Supply request notes


The Supply request notes section displays the five most recent supply request notes added by any user for the patient you select.

To add a new note to this supply request for others to review, click Add note.

To flag a supply request note, click the gray Flag icon on the left. The flag turns red when you select it.

Understand the supply request grid

The supply request grid shows you everything a patient is eligible to receive, whether the patient requested it or not.


  • The Patient Requested column on the left indicates what items the patient requested.
  • If product information is available, you can see information in the Item, HCPCS and Product number and description columns for each item.
  • The Eligible quantity column shows the calculated quantity of supplies the patient is eligible for based on the guidelines provided by the payor.
  • The Order quantity column allows you to adjust the actual quantity to be fulfilled.
  • If the patient’s payor requires you to document the functional condition and quantity on hand for each item, you can see the information in the Patient has and Replacement reason columns. These columns show the patient’s response to the number of items they currently have on hand and whether the item is damaged or dirty.

Confirm a supply request

  1. On the Dashboard page, click the Supply requests to confirm Action Group.
  2. In the Supply request number column, click the supply request number you want to process.
  3. At the top of the page, click the Status list and select Confirmed.
  4. To apply your changes, click Save. To exit, click Close and you will be redirected back to the Supply requests page.

Put a supply request on hold

  1. On the Dashboard page, click the Supply requests to confirm Action Group.
  2. Locate the supply request you want to process and in the Put on hold column, click the gray toggle button.