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Filter supply requests


In ResMed ReSupply, you can use filters to see how many supply requests you shipped or have on hold.

You can use filters to see specific information for supply requests, such as fulfillment status, location, payor plan, contact method, status, item, date ordered, placed by and fulfillment partner.

For example, to see how many orders you have on hold:

  1. On the Supply requests page, click Show only.
  2. In the Status area, select On hold.
  3. Click Apply.

Filter specific supply request information

  1. On the Supply request page, click Show only.
  2. Select the desired options from the All locations, Date requested, Payor and Additional supplies lists.
  3. In the Status area, select the options that you want to remove from the Status list. Leave only the status types that you want to view.
  4. Click Apply.

    Any supply requests for the selected filters appear in the list.

To see all the statuses again, click Reset.

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