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Patient Questionnaire

An overview of the ResMed ReSupply Questionnaire. Includes example copies of the Commercial Payor Questionnaire and the Medicare Questionnaire.

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Role required: Resupply user, Organization administrator

The patient questionnaire can be delivered to the patient by IVR or Patient portal. If called, the patient can use verbal queues or the dial pad to provide their response. They also have the option to say “Customer Service” at any point during the call to have a Customer Service Representative assist them. If the patient returns a voice mail, the questionnaire will automatically be triggered as long as they are still in Active Outreach on their account. 

The SMS reminder directs the patient to the Patient Portal to complete the questionnaire.  

Standard Patient Questionnaire.JPG

See below for written copies of the commercial payor questionnaire and the Medicare questionnaire: 

If you have any questions, please contact your Solutions Operations Specialist.

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