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June updates

The June 2020 release delivers changes to the supply request page and patient import process aimed at improving workflow and supply request processing time. 


New supply request page layout

With an easier navigation design and a more intuitive layout, you can quickly and efficiently confirm individual supply requests and manage your patients more effectively.

Sticky search

We have added sticky search to the All supply requests page. Sticky search allows you to apply filters that remain active as you navigate away from the search page. When you return to the search page, the site will render the search criteria and refreshed results set. 


Assign patients to multiple locations 

The patient and order import template has a new “location” column that gives you the ability to upload a single file with patient records from different locations or branches.

Enhance logic for default supplies

We have made some enhancements to the logic that populates the patient's default supplies in the supply request. You will now find the patient’s most recent supplies for all eligible HCPCs in the supply request grid. 

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