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November 2020 updates

We are excited to share with you our latest platform updates: 

  • Supply request confirmation email - patients will receive a confirmation email when they request new supplies
  • Shorter, more patient-friendly IVR call script - patients that connect with the IVR will encounter a shorter calls script with new greetings
  • Enhanced patient portal experience - look and feel of the patient portal has been enhanced to make it easier for patients to activate their account, request new supplies, and communicate with their HME provider


Supply request confirmation email

Patients with a valid email address on file will receive a confirmation email when they request new supplies. The email alerts patients that their supply request has been received and will be reviewed by a member of your team, eliminating unnecessary follow-ups.



Shorter, more patient-friendly IVR call script

Patients who connect with the interactive voice response (IVR) system will experience:

  • Shorter call script, with fewer questions - we've removed the therapy satisfaction & worse symptoms questions with associated work items
  • Added a new wellness question to help you engage patients that are having issues with their therapy
  • New greetings to help set proper expectations with patients
  • The enhanced voice and keypad response logic allows patients to respond to any question using their voice and telephone keypad

A new look for the patient portal login page and password requirements section

The new patient portal login page helps new patients activate their account by prominently displaying the Activate your account option.


The grey table in the Set password page dynamically displays green checks next to each password requirement, alerting patients they have met the strong password criteria.


Enhanced patient portal experience

We've made improvements to the look and feel of the patient portal home page and site navigation. The crisp new layout with friendly call to action buttons and a simple but intuitive site navigation makes it easy for patients to request supplies and connect with their HME provider. 



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