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Understand the patient questionnaire

Step 2 of the mask selection and sizing process is about getting the patient to complete the mask selection questionnaire and facial measurements

About the mask selection questionnaire

The ResMed MaskSelector questionnaire prompts the patient to answer a series of questions related to:

  • Sleep and health attributes
  • Patient's health

Note: A patient can access the questionnaire using a computer, mobile device, or tablet

Facial measurements

After answering the initial questions, the patient will be allowed to select how they would like to provide their facial measurements. These measurements will determine the appropriate mask size to provide with the mask recommendation. 

  • Face Scan
  • Manual measurement

Face scan

The user will receive instructions on how to position their head while the system obtains the following measurements:

  • Face height
  • Nose width
  • Nose depth

Manual measurement

After answering the initial questions, the patient will be asked to measure their: 

  • Face height
  • Nose width
  • Nose depth

Tip: For accurate measurements, we recommend using a mirror, measuring tool such as a rule, and coin (quarter).

Based on the patient's responses and facial measurements, ResMed MaskSelector provides you with a recommended ResMed mask and size. The final step in the mask sizing and fitting process. 

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