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All patients page

Role required: Resupply user

The All patients page gives you access to your patient population. From this page you can: 

Search for a patient

To search for a patient: 

  1. From the All patients page, enter the required details in the search field.
  2. Click Search patients. 


Access a patient's profile

Patient profiles consist of personal, therapy or supply request details that you can access through tabs. To access a patient's profile:

  1. From the All patients page, click the patient's name in the Name column. 
  2. Select an option from the list. Options include: 
  • Patient details
  • Supplies
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Timeline
  • Messages
  • Supply requests
  • Work items

Export a patient list

You can also export a list of patients for reporting and analytics or to import to other systems, such as billing management, mail merge, etc.

To export the patient list: 

  1. From the All patients page, click Show only.
  2. Apply the necessary filters, then click Apply.
  3. Click Export patients


Tip: To pre-filter the list of patients before you export, click Show only and select the appropriate filter options.

Learn more about managing patients in the Manage patients section. 

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