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Generate a patient list for import into ResMed ReSupply


As an administrator, you can add new patients and update existing patient data and order history in ResMed ReSupplythrough a patient and order import.

For larger patient populations, we recommend you complete a patient and order import on a regular basis to keep your records up to date. This ensures outreach schedules remain in sync, demographic updates from your source system are applied within ResMed ReSupply and new patients are added to the program regularly. Alternatively, for smaller patient populations, you can make updates as they occur directly within ResMed ReSupply. 

How often should I complete a patient and order import?

You should complete a patient and order import on a regular basis. When deciding how often you will complete an import, you may want to consider how many walk-in orders you process outside of the ResMed ReSupply program and how many new resupply-eligible patients you have each week. For most customers, a monthly import is sufficient. If you have a high number of orders and patients, you may require a bi-weekly import.

How do I get started?

The first step is to export data from your billing management, compliance management or other patient management system to a Microsoft® Excel file. Learn about the fields required to export.

If your organization has multiple branches/locations, you may want to include the branch/location as an additional column for sorting. 

To successfully import a patient, you must include all CPAP supply-related HCPCS codes associated with them and the last supply date for each item. ResMed ReSupply adjusts call scripts and generates supply requests based on each patient's supply history. An incomplete or partial supply history results in partial, non-optimized supply requests.

What patients and order history should I include in the export?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine what patients and order history you should include:

Q: Which patients should I import to the automated ResMed ReSupply program?

A: Consider the following factors when deciding which patients you want to import:

CPAP patients only: At this time, ResMed ReSupply conducts outreach only for CPAP supplies. When you export your list of patients, include only those who are on CPAP therapy. Learn more about acceptable HCPCS

Compliance status: By including only compliant patients, you can focus your efforts on patients who are most likely to value the resupply program. This also helps you avoid outreaching to non-compliant patients who don't have coverage.

Artboard 33@2x.png Patients may still benefit from an automated outreach program even if they have not achieved compliance, particularly if they decided to pay out of pocket.

Order history: We recommend you export order history that covers the period since your last patient and order import. This allows you to capture any supply requests that were placed outside of ResMed ReSupply and any recent demographic updates to the patients' profiles.   


Q: Does my existing system show which patients consented to contact by an automated outreach program?

A: ResMed ReSupply outreaches to these patients on your behalf, so you need to obtain and record consent for each patient. Not all patients respond to outreach. If a patient wants to opt out, you can go to their profile and change their contact method to Do not contact. You can also inactivate the patient if they do not want to be part of the resupply program.

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