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Types of Work Items

Descriptions of the three categories of ResMed ReSupply Work Items (Messages, Notification issues, and Therapy follow-up).

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Role required: Resupply user

Work items fall into three categories: Messages, Notification issues, and Therapy follow-up. The tables below provide details on the type of work items associated with each category. For more details, see Understanding Work Items (ID: 893).


For Messages, we recommend you review the details in the work item and contact the patient.



Customer message

 A ResMed Customer Service Representative (CSR) creates this work item, and it contains a request from the patient for you to resolve.

Patient message

A message generated by a patient through the patient portal.

Supply request inquiry

A ResMed CSR creates this work item when a patient calls to ask for information about their supply request.

Change supplies

A ResMed CSR creates this work item when a patient wants to change supplies.


Notification issues

For Notification issues, we recommend you review the patient's contact information in your system and update it if necessary. 



No contact information

ResMed ReSupply (the system) creates this work item when a patient record is created with no contact information.

Invalid email

The system creates this work item when an email notification is returned or marked as undeliverable.

Invalid phone number

The system creates this work item when it fails to reach a patient's phone number.

Wrong phone number

The system creates this work item when the phone number the system calls belongs to someone else.


Therapy follow-up

For Therapy follow-up work items, we recommend that you reach out to the patient directly.



Not on therapy

The system creates this work item if a patient states they no longer use their sleep equipment on a nightly basis.


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