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Understanding Work Items

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Just like supply requests, a work item is also a unit of action in ResMed ReSupply.

What is a Work Item?

A work item is a task designed to help you manage your patient population. Work items highlight areas that require a specific action or response from you and your team. 

How are work items created?

Work items can be created by:

  • the system
  • a ResMed ReSupply Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • the patient (via the patient portal).

Where can I find work items?

You can find and access work items in three different locations:

  • On the Dashboard, you can find work items in the purple Action Groups.
  • On the Work items page, you can find all work items for your organization.
  • Within a patient's profile, in the Work items tab, you can find work items for a specific patient.
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