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View import results


You can view import results through the Patient and order import option in the Administration menu. On the Patient and order import page, you can see the file's upload status under the Status column.

The statuses that can appear include:

  • New—the file uploaded successfully and is ready to be verified.
  • Verified—the file was accepted and is ready to be imported.
  • Imported—the file information was successfully imported.
  • Failed—the file uploaded but failed to import. Contact support if this occurs. 
  • Rejected—the file has formatting issues, such as missing columns, or the file is corrupt.


Step-by-step instructions

View import results

  1. From the Administration menu, select Patient and order import.
  2. Find the relevant file, and click the file name.

To view AirView import results, click the Show only link and select Automatic AirView Import from the Import method field.




  1. Under the Import results section, review the information.

Successfully imported files may still have warnings or rejected records. You may use the following reports to review or re-process imported files:

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