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Generate a patient list to import into ResMed ReSupply


As an administrator, you can add patients to ResMed ReSupplythrough a patient import. To do this, you must first export data from your billing management, compliance management or other patient management system to a Microsoft® Excel file. Before you export your data, download the ResMed ReSupply import template and review the required fields.

Copy and paste the relevant data from your file to the ResMed ReSupply import template. For the import to work, enter each HCPCS code in its own row so the patient's name is duplicated throughout the import template. Do not add additional columns to the template. 

To successfully import a patient into ResMed ReSupply, include all CPAP supply-related HCPCS codes associated with the patient as well as the last supply date. ResMed ReSupply adjusts call scripts and generates supply requests based on each patient's supply history. Incomplete or partial supply history (only includes a mask HCPCS code) results in partial, non-optimized supply requests.

What patients and order history should I include in the export?

To determine this, ask yourself the following questions:

Q: Do I only want compliant patients added to the program?

A: Only patients who reached initial compliance are eligible to be reimbursed for replacement supplies. If you add all patients, this may result in unnecessary supply requests that need to be canceled later on. This may confuse your patients.

Q: Does my existing system show which patients provided consent to be contacted through an automated outreach program?

A: ResMed ReSupply reaches out to these patients on your behalf, so you need to obtain and record consent for each patient. Not all patients respond to outreach. If a patient wants to opt out, you can go to their profile and change their contact method to Do not contact. You can also inactivate the patient.

Q: How many supply requests could I handle on a daily basis?

A: When ResMed ReSupply detects a patient is eligible for new supplies, they are immediately added to the outreach cycle. When you add more patients to the system, more supply requests are captured. Each supply request needs to be fulfilled by you in a timely fashion.

If necessary, you can pause outreach while you resolve current supply requests and work items.

Step-by-step instructions

Export your data to the import templateimage

  1. From the Administration menu, select Patient and order import.
  2. To download the ResMed ReSupply import template, click Download template.
  3. Export a Microsoft Excel or CSV file with all necessary data fields from your system.
  4. In the ResMed ReSupply import template file, enter your exported patient data as required.
  5. Separate the data into multiple files by location and save each file individually. Ensure each file is under 20MB.

We recommend that you use a consistent file name format for your files. For example, <export date-location>: 7-10-2018-New York.xlsx.

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