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Email address

Description The patient's preferred email address for outreach.  This email address can also be used by the patient to access the patient portal. 

Is data required for all patients?

No, however it's strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Supplementary outreach by multiple modalities (such as email) has shown an increase in supply request activity. 
  • Patients with email addresses listed will benefit from:

    • Our email outreach offering
    • Access to the ResMed ReSupply patient portal
    • Ability to transmit messages directly to you (equipment provider) through the secure message center
Field restrictions
How the information is used once imported

If an email address was listed, email outreach will be enabled for the patient. 

The email address will also be used to generate a patient portal account.  When the patient first becomes eligible for supplies, they will receive an email directing them to activate their patient portal account

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