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Outreach basics

This article provides a brief description about ResMed ReSupply's automated interactive voice response (IVR) system known as Faith, and outreach options.

Who is Faith?

Faith is the name of our virtual services agent for the interactive voice response (IVR) system. Faith contacts patients to see if they have any concerns with their sleep therapy and assists them with new supply requests. 

How do I determine if the patient is currently on an active outreach cycle?

The Toolbar at the top of a patient's profile shows their current outreach cycle that is one of the following: 

On an active outreach cycle Not currently on an active outreach cycle Patient will not receive outreach




View the timeline to see when recent outreach attempts occurred.




You can make changes to a patient's outreach options on the their profile page. 


What happens when notifications are paused (disabled)?

When notifications are paused, outreach stops and overrides what was selected in the outreach section of a patient’s profile. For example, if a patient is paused for any reason, outreach is not performed. Also, the system continues to calculate the outreach cycle and a patient only receives outreach again when notifications are re-enabled.

To learn more, see Pause outreach for a group of patients.





How often does Faith contact a patient?

Faith contacts a patient once a week for up to five weeks (unless the patient responds and completes the questionnaire). ResMed ReSupply calculates the next outreach cycle based on the questionnaire results.

ResMed ReSupply calculates the outreach cycle as follows: 

  • If a patient completes the questionnaire and requests new supplies, a new outreach schedule is rescheduled based on the patient's mask eligibility. 
  • If the system cannot reach the patient for five consecutive weeks, outreach is rescheduled based on the call schedule. The default is 30 days. 
  • If a patient completes the questionnaire and declines new supplies, outreach is rescheduled based on the call schedule. The default is 45 days. 

ResMed ReSupply uses information, such as payor, call schedule, notification preferences and last supplied date to determine the date and time it schedules a patient for active outreach.

How does ResMed ReSupply contact patients?

ResMed ReSupply contacts patients as follows:

Contact Method Description

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system



The automated call for the IVR system (Faith) contacts patients at the beginning of their active outreach cycle. Faith uses voice prompts to interact with patients for answers to a few wellness questions and supply requests.

A client services representative (CSR) transfer begins when a patient responds to questions with specific words, such as "customer service" or "help," or if the IVR system cannot understand the patient's responses. A patient is transferred to a client service representative (CSR) to complete the questionnaire.

Can a patient initiate the CSR transfer?

Yes. To speak to a live agent, patients can say "customer service" or "help" at any time during an outbound or inbound call. A patient can request a transfer to a CSR at any time during a call. For after-hours calls, patients can leave a voicemail to have a CSR return their call the next day.  

Live call transfer

When Faith successfully contacts patients, the patient is transferred to a CSR to answer wellness check questions and request supplies.


ResMed ReSupply contacts patients by email with directions to log in to the Patient Portal to answer the wellness check questions and request CPAP supplies. The email provides a phone number for ReSupply Client Services or patients can click Contact us on the ResMed ReSupply Patient Portal login page to send an email if they need assistance.

Text message (SMS) ResMed ReSupply sends a text message to a patient with directions on how to log in to the Patient Portal to answer the wellness check questions and request CPAP supplies.


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