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Activate your Patient Portal account

If your home medical equipment provider uses ResMed ReSupply™ and you provided them your email address, then you already have an account on the ResMed ReSupply patient portal. To access this account, you first have to activate it.

Follow the procedure below to activate and gain access to your account.
Note: For details on how to navigate through the patient portal, refer to Navigate the ResMed ReSupply Patient Portal.



Activate account

  1. On your computer or smart device (for example, a smart phone or tablet), open your browser.
  2. In the address bar of your browser, enter

Any of the following browsers are compatible with ResMed ReSupply:

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 11 or above (32 and 64-bit)
  • Firefox® 31.0 or above
  • Chrome™ 12 or above
  1. On the ResMed ReSupply Login page, under the Login button, click or tap Activate your account.


  1. In the Email address field, enter the email address your equipment provider uses to contact you.
  2. In the Year of birth field, enter the four-digit year you were born (for example, 1901).
  3. Click or tap Continue.
  1. Check the inbox of your email account and open the email from ResMed ReSupply.
  2. In the email, click or tap the Activate your account now button.
  1. On the ResMed ReSupply Set password page, enter a new password that meets the password requirements. To review the password requirements, click or tap the blue information icon .
  2. Click or tap Continue.

Your account is now activated and you can log in with the password you just set.