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Client services representatives

Client services representatives (CSRs) have full access to patient and organization information in ResMed ReSupply.

CSRs can access:

  • The entire patient population from all organizations
  • Supply requests
  • Work items CSRs can do the following:
  • Create patients, organization administrator accounts, resupply user accounts, and dual-role accounts
  • Reset passwords for organization administers and resupply users
  • Add work items for a patient
  • See Call back work items
  • Under the Administration menu, they can view reimbursement rates, document categories, payors, eligibility schedules, call schedules, call scripts, locations, users, reports and patient and order imports

CSRs cannot confirm supply requests. When supply requests are created, they have a status of "Pending". Only a resupply user can change the "Pending" supply request status to "Confirmed."

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