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Managing patients


As a resupply user, the patient profile is where you can view and edit patient details and associated information.

2.2.0_UAT_patient profile tabs_110_final.png

*Patient data and identity are fictional

The patient profile displays all the available patient information in your organization. You can view or update the patient profile through available functions.

To view a patient profile: 

  1. From the Patients menu, select All patients.
  2. Select the patient name from the list.
  3. Click the preferred link to view details:
  • Patient details—view and edit basic details.
  • Supplies—view resupply opportunities and update supplies.
  • Documents—upload, download and delete patient documents.
  • Notes—create notes.
  • Messages—view and reply to individual patient messages.
  • Timeline—view a list of all the past actions performed e.g., updated patient profile or logged in to ResMed ReSupply.
  • Supply requests—view and edit supply requests.
  • Work items—view and edit work items. 
Note: The functions available to a user are determined by their role.
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