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Understanding Patient Outreach

Descriptions of patient eligibility, types of patient outreach and outreach modalities offered.

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Role required:  Organization administrator

Patient Eligibility

The platform is equipped with an eligibility engine that eliminates the complexities of managing patient eligibility dates and payor schedules. As you enroll patients in the platform, the eligibility engine monitors each patient's individual supply history, payor guidelines and eligibility schedule to determine how and when the patient should be contacted.

Patient Outreach

Once a patient becomes eligible for new sleep therapy supplies, the platform will define an active outreach window to contact the patient. During the outreach timeframe, the platform will reach out to your patient once a week for five weeks per modality unless the patient answers before the five weeks is over.

Two types of outreach are available on your account: time-based and mask-based. See the articles linked below for more information about each type of outreach:

  • Mask-Based Outreach, which is triggered by mask eligibility.

  • Time-Based Outreach, which schedules contact for patients at specific timed intervals as long as they are eligible for at least one item, regardless of mask eligibility. 

NOTE: Outreach is determined based on the eligibility of individual supplies and is selected by any number of days, from 30 to 365 days. The first outreach is based on the latest last supplied date and the selected outreach frequency. 

Outreach Modalities

ResMed ReSupply gives you the flexibility to connect with patients using a multi-modality approach. You can assign one or more of the following outreach modalities for each patient:

  • Automated call (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) - Automatically assigned if your patient has a valid phone number on file.

  • Email - Can be assigned if the patient has an email address on file.

  • SMS (text message) notification - Can be assigned if the patient has cell (mobile) phone number on file. An HME team member or the patient needs to assign this contact method.

  • Live call transfer - Can be assigned to any patient. It will come with an additional cost per patient. This information can be found on your ResMed ReSupply contract in the Fees and Services Description section under "Live Transfer." This feature allows the IVR to confirm your patient and then transfer them to a live agent.

  • Welcome Letter - This feature will send any new patient to your account a one-time Welcome letter explaining what ResMed ReSupply is, what to expect, and how to reach our Customer Service line. It comes with an additional cost per letter, found on your ResMed ReSupply contract in the Fees and Services Description section under "Patient letters."

Set Outreach Modalities 

Calls and Emails

Automated calls (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) and emails can be assigned right away to the Patient account as follows:

  1. Click on the Patient details tab within the patient profile

  2. Click the Edit button under the Contact Information section 

  3. Click the check box beside whichever outreach modalities you would like to enable

  4. Click the Save button

Text, Live Call, and Welcome Letters

SMS (text message) notifications, Live call Transfers, and Welcome letters can be enabled as follows:

  1. Hover over the Administration tab

  2. Select Organizational details from the drop-down menu

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  4. Click the Edit button

  5. Click the check box beside whichever outreach modalities you would like to enable

  6. Click the Save button

Once these modalities are enabled within Organization Details, they will become available under the Contact Information section of the Patient Details tab. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Solutions Operations Specialist.


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